Creative Gifts to Go Company Gift Basket Review

Based in Flagstaff, AZ, the Creative Gifts To Go Company started out as a small business that merely served those who were local. It has since developed into a corporation that serves the entire United States, both small and large customers alike. It was started by a woman named Joyce Reid who originally wanted to sell gift baskets as her main product line. She carefully kept the phrase ‘gift baskets’ out of her company’s name as she had hopes that in the future the product line would expand to include ever so much more than that. Luckily, she was right.

Joyce first came up with the idea to start Creative Gifts to Go soon after the retirement of her husband, Ron. Ron had retired in 1992 at the age of 50 and this move had suddenly left both of them with extra time on their hands. Uninterested in passing the time with meaningless tasks, Joyce took advantage of her new-found extra time to make her dream a reality. She had never embarked upon starting this business before due to her time being taken up by raising her two daughters. On top of taking care of her girls, Joyce also was actively involved in community groups as well.

Having served on the City Council, Planning Commission and School Board, Joyce was no stranger to hard work. Before venturing onto starting the Creative Gifts To Go Company, Ron and Joyce began a newspaper that was delivered all across Arizona. It was known as the Arizona Singles. They later sold it and continued to participate in many other activities such as 4-H, professional writing and taking glider lessons. Joyce eventually moved onto becoming a business counselor with an organization that helped people to grow their businesses.

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Experience with Business, But Not With Gift Baskets

Having all that experience under her belt, she now knew with the extra time she had on her hands that she could focus on creating the Creative Gifts To Go Company. One of the first reasons Joyce came up with starting a gift basket company is the fact that she enjoyed being involved with putting smiles on peoples’ faces. Knowing that she wanted to be one who helped to delight others, she and Ron embarked upon starting the Creative Gifts To Go Company.

Although neither Joyce nor her husband Ron had any experience with the gift basket industry prior to starting their own Creative Gifts To Go business, they were determined to find out what was needed and move forward with their goal. As they moved forward with the Creative Gifts To Go Company, they learned what they needed to know and now, 16 years later, Joyce and Ron enjoy their successful gift basket company of Creative Gifts To Go for what they dreamed it would be. This company services customer nationwide now and they do so with the intent of putting a smile on every recipient’s face.

Since their humble beginnings, the Creative Gifts To Go Company has received much help on their quest to begin and grow their business and recognize the efforts of all those who have strived to make their dream a reality. Now Joyce and Ron’s grandchildren love to stop by and help to make gift baskets that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. Indeed, the Creative Gifts To Go Company is one that serves a great purpose and does so because of great people.

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